A Note About Branch of Science

I launched Branch of Science at the beginning of 2014, as I had an itch to write about various aspects of football-related culture – and I felt there was a gap in the market for a site that focused exclusively on this with as wide a focus as possible (beyond the various excellent sites that exist which largely cover things from a nostalgic point of view).

Both of those things are still the case, but as you can’t have failed to notice if you’ve been visiting since any point in our first year of launch, updates have slowed to the extent that the site is currently largely dormant. This is basically because, although I’m still keen to keep the site running, it hasn’t taken off to the extent that it can become self-sustaining. In effect, it currently costs me time and money to run that I can no longer spare. In order to be able to continue at the rate that was originally intended, the site will need to start bringing in money – both to justify my time spent on it, and also to allow for the possibility of paying contributors.

As such, while I don’t intend to close the site down, it’s unlikely that it will update with any regularity until this situation changes. There are still articles I’d like to write (and series I’d like to continue, such as the Last Days of Roy of the Rovers posts) so when I have the chance, I will do. But it’s unlikely to be on any kind of schedule or with much frequency.

The reason for writing this note is on the offchance that there’s anyone reading it who might be in a position to sponsor, or otherwise support, the site. I hope that what we’ve done here so far can serve as an example of what a site like this would be capable of – so if there’s anybody who’s interested in taking it over in order to run it with proper financial backing, or even just to support it as a sponsor, then do please get in touch. I’d be delighted to keep running the site and commissioning new articles from other writers if such a thing were possible. And as ever, I remain open to publishing articles on spec if you have something you’d like to see posted here.

Thanks for the support of those of you who’ve read (and/or contributed to) the site in the time it’s been running – I hope that in the future we can bring you more of this sort of thing!

Seb Patrick, January 2016