Video of the Week: Renford Rejects Series 1

Since the article rounding up the cast’s current whereabouts has always been one of this site’s most popular posts, I figured there might be a fair few readers who’d be interested in this. So in the below post, you can find the entirety of the first series of Nickelodeon’s late ’90s teen-football-sitcom Renford Rejects.

We’re only posting the first series – because loading up the other three would be madness, obviously – but at the end you can find a link to the Youtube channel of the bloke who’s helpfully uploaded basically every single episode if you want more. And Branch of Science accepts no responsibility for the show being absolutely nowhere near as good as you might have remembered.

Episode 1: One for the Guys

Episode 2: Don Bruno

Episode 3: Field of Dreams

Episode 4: Heartbreak Hotel

Episode 5: All in the Mind

(this one’s currently muted due to a copyright claim, but keeping it here for completeness’ sake and also in case it gets fixed at some point)

Episode 6: The Best Medicine

Episode 7: Ben in Tights

Episode 8: Old Dogs

Episode 9: Down the Drain

Episode 10: Just the Ticket

Episode 11: Ciao Bambino

Episode 12: Bowled Over

Episode 13: High Noon

And no, we still don’t know why the Manics’ “Australia” was used as the theme tune. Anyway, if you do want more, here they all are. The playlist’s in an odd order but you should be able to figure it out.

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