Nineties Kit of the Week: Aston Villa A (93/95)

villa9395away-1 villa9395away-2 Dalian Atkinson of Aston Villa villa9395away-4 villa9395away-5 villa9395away-6
Team: Aston Villa
Strip: Away
Year: 1993-95
Manufacturer: Asics
Sponsors: Muller
As worn by: Steve Froggatt, Tony Daley, Dalian Atkinson, Dean Saunders, Dwight Yorke

Sometimes a shirt can be so awful it takes on a certain level of cult appeal among a club’s fans. That can be the only explanation for the popularity of this shirt with Aston Villa supporters – I’ve got a mate who owns one, and the club even sell an official retro replica of it. Why anyone would choose that one over the home kit of the same era is beyond me – although the one thing the away kit has in its favour is that the Muller logo doesn’t clash as horribly with the main shirt body.

But that’s about the only thing that’s non-clashy about the kit, which makes a mess of a combination of colours that just don’t work. Green and red can go together nicely, green and black can go together nicely, and black and red can go together nicely. But none of the three colours do so here. I like a crazy ’90s shirt as much as anyone, but this one’s just a bit too much even for me.

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  1. Speaking as the aforementioned mate, I’d like to clarify that I *do* also own the corresponding home shirt! 93-94 was the first season in which I started paying attention to football, so it’s mostly a personal, nostalgia-based thing. Every single player who wore that kit was a hero to me, back in the days before I could see past the shirt and realise that even footballers who played for my team could be crap.

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