Video of the Week: Roy of the Rovers

First off, if you’re a regular reader of the site (yes, we do have a few, it seems) wondering what’s been going on over the last couple of months – apologies for the silence. No, Branch of Science isn’t dead – it’s just been a bit of a tricky time of late in terms of getting enough content written to keep up with the schedule I’d originally planned. There was also a somewhat unforeseen and unfortunate incident involving the site that rather sapped my motivation to continue with it at the time.

Fortunately, that problem has been sorted out now, and I’m hoping to get back on a more regular posting schedule between now and the end of the year. I doubt we’ll actually get back to “five posts a week”, but the regular short blogs will hopefully get back to appearing two or three times a week (spread across their relevant days) – and there’ll be some more in the way of longer feature material on the way before too long as well.

(If you’re interested in contributing material to the site, by the way, don’t forget that you can get in touch any time!)

Anyway, to mark our return to active posting, here’s a video that I’m surprised we haven’t got around to running yet: a quarter-hour’s celebration of Roy of the Rovers, produced by publisher Egmont and released onto Youtube in 2011.

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