Wednesday Comics: Heartbreak at Half Time

heartbreak1 heartbreak2 heartbreak3
A charming Tales from the Dugout strip from Roy of the Rovers Monthly #3 (November 1993) by writer Mike Maddox and artist Philip Bond.

I’m not entirely sure what spurred Maddox to write a strip about a footballer being in love with Helen Sharman, but the main draw here is the fact that it’s Philip Bond – just as he was on the verge of becoming a superstar artist with Vertigo thanks to Kill Your Boyfriend – drawing a Roy of the Rovers strip. While some of the other Monthly contributors have gone on to decent renown within the industry, Bond’s US work means he’s probably up there with Solano Lopez and John Cooper as one of the most well-known artists ever to have worked on the comic.

(Just chucking this out there, by the way, but if the original art for this exists out there somewhere, I would potentially totally be interested in it…)

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