Nineties Kit of the Week: Everton A (92/94)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA everton9294-2 everton9294-3 everton9294-4 everton9294-5 everton9294-6
Team: Everton
Strip: Away
Year: 1992-94
Manufacturer: Umbro
Sponsors: NEC
As worn by: Tony Cottee, Martin Keown, Peter Beagrie, Gary Ablett

The great thing about this shirt when I was a kid was that it gave us two distinct reasons to take the mickey out of the Evertonians in the playground. Either it was a red shirt – in which case they’d done the unthinkable and appropriated Liverpool’s colours – or it was a pink shirt, in which case… well, they were wearing a pink shirt. And hey, I’m not one for enforcing needless heteronormativity, but in a Scouse primary school playground, pink football shirts aren’t the done thing. Either way, there was no way Everton were fooling anyone when they referred to this as “salmon”.

In truth, though, there’s no good reason to take the piss out of this shirt, because it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s a great colour combination, really well designed, with the white badges and logos adding a really strong accent. It definitely looked better with navy shorts than with salmon (oh, go on then), but either way it was a design classic, and it’s not hard to see why Everton have worked pink (albeit in less red-looking shades) into the occasional rotation of their away colours ever since. This is the shirt that to me, symbolises Everton in the ’90s even more than any of the home kits.

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  1. This was when Umbro were on top of their game

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