Wednesday Comics: Roy of the Rovers at USA ’94 (Part 3)

The final instalment! Will Del and Nigeria find glory against Brazil? Will Rocky find romance? Will Melchester find that they’re stuck with Johnny Dexter as their new manager? READ ON.

(Part One | Part Two)

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Pages from Roy of the Rovers Monthly and Shoot. Written by Stuart Green with art by Geri Ford, Rob Davis and Sean Longcroft.

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  1. Interesting looking back to see what works and where things fall down. Given the weekly stuck with the same artist for seasons at a time, it’s jarring to see the artwork in constant rotation, particularly when it’s during the same match! At the time I struggled to get invested in the more ‘mature’ story telling, but looking back now it’s great and something I’d love to be following on a regular basis.

    Given how mainstream football is now, it’s a little surprising there haven’t been more attempts within the comic world to hold a mirror up to (forgive the cliche) the modern game.

    I mean sure we’ve had on-screen attempts like Dream Team, Goal and Footballer’s Wives and the tabloids strips like Scorer and Striker, but all of these seem fairly lazy, subscribing to sensationalism or the brand Beckham angle. A When Saturday Comes of football comics? Perhaps it’s just too niche.

    • Its something I’ve wondered myself, why there are no football comics out there anymore? Football is massive and I do feel there would be an interest. It puzzles me why we still have Commando war comics yet the Football Picture Monthlies that were the same format are a distant memory.

      while as a teenager I did like the more mature format the monthlies brought however the art was hit and miss. I do wonder why they removed the consistent Barrie Mitchell, who returned for the final monthly and the pages that appeared in Match of the Day

  2. In awe at the Big Ron and Brian Clough cameos there.

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