Wednesday Comics: Roy of the Rovers at USA ’94 (Part 2)

Continuing the story of Roy “Rocky” Race Jr and Paul “Delroy” Ntende at the 1994 World Cup, while back home Melchester chairman Jeremy Sinclair tries desperately to persuade Roy Sr to return to the club. In Part One Del was drafted into the Nigerian squad following a tragic accident, and scored a brilliant goal as they beat Sweden. But an argument with the coach in training over where he should be playing has led to him being named on the bench for the second group game against the hosts…

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(It’s worth noting that the real life groups for the WC would presumably have already been known by the time these strips were produced, but the ROTR team took artistic licence by having Nigeria play both the hosts and Brazil, for the benefit of the storyline. It’s only a shame that the USA are shown in their older kit, although the artists, Davis in particular, do a good approximation of Nigeria’s actual ’94 kit.)

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Again, strips are from Roy of the Rovers Monthly and Shoot. Written by Stuart Green, and drawn by Geri Ford, Rob Davis and Sean Longcroft.

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