Wednesday Comics: Flash Gordon’s Total Support System

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It’s unlikely that when Brendan Rodgers talked of “Roy of the Rovers football” in the wake of his Liverpool side’s catastrophic collapse at Crystal Palace on Monday he was thinking of these early 1993 Roy of the Rovers strips – not least because only about five people were actually still reading the comic at the time. But it’s hard not to look at the short-lived tenure of Ralph “Flash” Gordon as Melchester boss and see some comparisons with the Liverpool of 2014.

Brendan seems like a much nicer guy than Ralph was, mind.

(Script by Tom Tully, art by Barrie Mitchell – the credit for Mike White on the first strip is actually incorrect)

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  1. Darren Price // May 9, 2014 at 12:09 am // Reply

    HA! Flash was all about up and under long balls and everyone pushing forward…. at least Brendon tries to get his players to keep the ball on the deck!

    Guess I was one of the 5 still reading back then! loved the comic! Happy memories and if any team is compared to Rovers then I’m happy for it to be Liverpool… next season they will learn to defend! lol

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