Video of the Week: Nike Good vs Evil

My main memory of this advert when it first came out was the lad in our class who was a Man Utd fan constantly turning up his collar and shouting “Au Revoir!” every time he had a shot on goal in playground kickabouts.

Nowadays, the strongest thing I take away from it is the joy at seeing Ian Wright get nutted by a demon.

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  1. At the time i was 13 years old and absolutely in love with Ajax, and my favourite player was of course Edgar Davids (my all time favourite player but i digress) i was so happy to see my man briefly in the lineup standing amongst such legendary 90s stars, i couldn’t wait to casually stroll onto the playground the next day at school the and wax lyrically about Edgar Davids being the best having beaten a team of demons so imagine my sadness when he never got a touch, Figo yep, Maldini, Rui Costa, Kluivert, Wrighty, Cantona all got their moments, yet nothing for Edgar, and instead the next day on the playground i was left explaining that if you looked carefully at the starting lineup you’d see him at the back, Edgar would later go on and have many commercial moments, but c’mon man they allowedThomas Brolin do a bicycle kick!

    Sorry for the long story, great site you have here, keep up the good work, peace.

    Chris (England)

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