Nineties Kit of the Week: Germany H (90/91)

Soccer - World Cup Italia 90 - Group D - West Germany v United Arab Emirates germany90-klinsmann
germany90-matthaustrophy germany90-voller
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Team: Germany/West Germany
Strip: Home
Year: 1988-91
Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsors: N/A
As worn by: Lothar Matthaus, Rudi Voller, Jurgen Klinsmann, Matthias Sammer

You could call this a bit of a cheat, I suppose, because this kit actually debuted in 1988. But it was also worn in the early 1990s (before being replaced in time for Euro 1992), so I’m counting it.

And besides, it’s one of the greatest football kits of all time. For starters, it’s hugely historical: it’s the first German kit to make a feature out of the national flag, which just about every kit since has also done (it’s not, however, the first to include the three colours – the preceding World Cup ’86 kit added them as subtle trim stripes on the collar and sleeves); it was the kit in which the West Germans won the 1990 World Cup (although, thankfully, not the strip they beat England in, removing that particular obstacle to liking it); it was the kit Ian Rush scored his famous winning goal for Wales against; and, perhaps most significantly, it was the first kit worn by a reunified German side, as they took their bow against Switzerland in December 1990 (and by the way, hell yes will we be coming back to that Swiss kit at some point).

Aside from its historical significance, though, it’s just magnificent. It’s a perfect combination of colours, the bold new pattern stays just the right side of being an unnecessary manufacturer embellishment (although you also sense it wouldn’t look half as good on any other country’s kit), and the fact that it’s topped off with simple, detail-free shorts and socks helps, too. It’s a rare shirt that manages the combination of being historic, iconic and smart, but this one achieves all three comfortably. You wouldn’t have been popular wearing it in an English school playground in the 1990s, but you’d have looked damned cool doing so.

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  1. You can’t beat the classic adidas logo but I’m sure the flag stripes off the front of the shirt were used on adidas club team tracksuit jackets of that time too,liverpools grey and red number was a nice one if I remember.

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