Nineties Kit of the Week: Umbro Goalkeepers (91/92)

91chamberlain   91forrest 91hallworth 91rees 91spink 91woods
Teams: Chelsea, Luton Town, Manchester City, Nottingham Forest, Ipswich Town, Oldham Athletic, Sheffield United, Aston Villa, Sheffield Wednesday
Strip: Goalkeeper
Year: 1991/92
Manufacturer: Umbro
Sponsors: Commodore, Brother, Shipstone’s, Fisons, Bovis, Laver, Mita Copiers, Mr. Tom
As worn by: Dave Beasant, Alec Chamberlain, Tony Coton, Mark Crossley, Craig Forrest, Jon Hallworth, Mel Rees, Nigel Spink, Chris Woods

Eleven teams wore Umbro kits in the last season of the old Division One in 1991/92. Of those, fully nine had their goalkeepers decked out (at least once, but in some cases all season) in the above kit, with only Everton and Spurs escaping with more bespoke efforts.

This homogeneity would be annoying if it weren’t such a great shirt. There was a yellow version that was pretty nifty, too – but there’s something about that shade of turquoise, and the unusual combination with the colours of the pattern on it, that just works surprisingly well. Also, it was worn in the first FA Cup final I ever watched live on TV (with Mark Crossley wearing it to save my then-hero Gary Lineker’s penalty), which probably helps.

Just a heads up that Branch of Science will be going on a short holiday next week. See you after Easter!

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  1. Tottenham had a version the following season. Worn at Sheffield Wed in Sept despite the Officials wearing green too.

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