Nineties Kit of the Week: South Africa H (98)


sa98-bartlett sa98-fish
sa98-fortune sa98-issa
Team: South Africa
Strip: Home
Year: 1998
Manufacturer: Kappa
Sponsors: N/A
As worn by: Shaun Bartlett, Mark Fish, Quinton Fortune, Pierre Issa

Definitely number one in the list of “Best Football Kits That Look Like A 1980s TV Ident Graphic Halfway Through Arriving On Screen”.

(Number two on that same list, incidentally, would be the away kit.)

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  1. Hello Seb,

    I was surprised to find that you have used pictures from my website of my South Africa shirt for this post (plus a link to my other South Africa shirt!). It’s not a problem, this site is totally epic and I rather enjoy your writing style and wide-ranging choice of subjects of all spheres. However I’d be well chuffed if you might consider linking the blogroll on this site to my website about my quest to collect an international shirt from every country in FIFA. I am hopefully reliably informed by other football shirt people that my blog is not entirely awful. I enjoy writing it anyway, and that’s the main thing.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Joe, thanks for the comment, and for being cool with using your image! Your quest is excellent (if, of course, completely deranged) and I’ve added you to the blogroll and given you a tweet, too.

      • Many thanks Seb! Just started a Twitter @GlobalObsession so if you want to follow proceddings then feel free! Cheers again :)

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