Nineties Kit of the Week: Liverpool A (91/92)


liverpool91-barnes liverpool91-rush liverpool91-thomas
Team: Liverpool
Strip: Away
Year: 1991/92
Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: Candy
As worn by: Ian Rush, John Barnes, Dean Saunders, Michael Thomas

Liverpool’s 1991/92 kits were controversial even before the away was unveiled, with much attention on the fact that adidas were plastering their branding all over the home shirt (at the expense of it being a “Liverpool shirt”) in the shape of the big white stripes over one shoulder. But that was nothing compared to the uproar when it was also announced that in away games that season, the club would be taking to the field in green. Green! They’d never worn green as an away kit before – Liverpool away kits had to be yellow or white, that could never change. Except for four years previously when they’d started to wear grey and nobody had really complained.

Anyway, these complaints were silly for a number of reasons. Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with introducing a new colour into the away kit scheme (particularly in an era where double or even single-season kits were on the way to becoming the norm). Secondly, green football kits are (generally) awesome. Thirdly, this green football kit was especially awesome. Despite the shoulder stripes being seen as a ghastly extra detail at the time, it’s otherwise a nicely simple and classic shirt, which looked especially good with white shorts. It’s important, too, to distinguish it from the following year’s away kit – which was a much lighter shade of green and a shinier fabric, and looked significantly more naff.

The only downside – and I speak from experience here, sadly – is that if you wash it on too high a temperature, the colour runs heavily into both the shoulder stripes and the sponsor…

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  1. Worked particularly well with the white shorts. I was a big fan of this kit. Not the team wearing it though. Awful bunch.

  2. The first adidas equipment shirts a watershed moment really from here on in adidas shirts were never the same.

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