Museum of Plastic: Tonka/Kenner Sportstars


Part of the lineage of a wider range of sports-based models (the original baseball/basketball versions, which UK readers might be most familiar with via their appearance in the film Home Alone, were called “Starting Lineup”), these figures were produced for the European football fan market between the late ’80s and early ’90s by venerable toy company Kenner, though over here they’re more commonly referred to under the name of Tonka, the company that owned Kenner at the time.

sportstars-group sportstars-group2
In many ways, they were the precursor to Corinthians’ famous “Prostars” range – but rather than being player-specific caricatures, they consisted of a relatively small selection of generic poses and heads, which were then simply painted with the correct kits and hair/skin colours. This meant, at least, that it was possible to produce a quite impressive range of players – something that Kenner maximised by producing different series for different countries (they were known as Sportstars in both Germany and France, albeit with different logos, and “Forza Campioni” in Italy).

forza sportstars-france sportstars-german
While they rarely bore more than a passing resemblance to the players in question, these were a pretty exciting range for kids of the era to collect – and despite missing the manufacturers’ logos (presumably for rights reasons), the machine-printed strip details were actually quite well done. The vast quantities that were apparently produced mean that they frequently show up not just on eBay, but in charity shops and at car boot sales – but it’s seeing one in that exciting green packaging that still brings back the childhood thrill I used to get when browsing them in the local pound shop and dreaming about which one I’d buy next.


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  1. awesome! love these things…..if anyone has any for sale or trade, or wants to buy, LMK!

  2. Robert Dobinson // June 20, 2014 at 2:43 pm // Reply

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    Hi Kieron,
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  4. I have now found Five Rarer versions of the figures, inc P.Beardsley (England), K.Ratcliife/M.Hughes (Wales), D.Maradona (German Sportstars issue) & also have U.K issue of D.Maradona (kicking & dribbling). A Total of 38 mint carded figures, available individually or in original Case lots of 72 figures.

  5. Robert Dobinson // May 2, 2015 at 11:07 am // Reply

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  6. Hi Guys, I have an unboxed Stuart Pearce and unboxed Des Walker if anyone is interested? Kind regards, James

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