Wednesday Comics: Meet Hot-Shot Hamish

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Beyond Roy of the Rovers itself – and possibly Billy’s BootsHot-Shot Hamish (later Hamish and Mouse) was probably the most popular and venerable of British football comics – and it was certainly the most consistently amusing and entertaining.

Written and drawn for almost its entire run by Fred Baker and Julio Schiaffino respectively, Hamish launched in Scorcher comic in 1973, before transferring to Tiger and finally Roy of the Rovers as various titles merged into one-another. Mighty Mouse, meanwhile, was a Roy of the Rovers original following its launch in 1979 – also by Baker and Schiaffino, it was about a rotund English hospital-porter and part-time player called Kevin Mouse. In 1985, when Hamish moved to ROTR, the two strips were merged (Mouse transferring north of the border) and followed the joint adventures of the two players at the same club. They would remain team-mates, despite a 1990 transfer from Princes Park to Glengow Rangers, until the strip’s end in January 1993 – a few months short of the ROTR mag’s own closure.

I can’t actually tell whether the above story is the first-published Hamish tale (I’d need to find his original first appearance in Scorcher to determine that), or a retrospective origin told later – but these scans come from what the intro text makes clear is a reprinting, in the 1979 Scorcher annual. The “fish out of water” comedy of this early story is an element of the strip that would be dropped as Hamish began to establish himself as a professional player, but it adds to the charming nature of this particular story – while the silly, madcap football action would be the series’ most enduring trademark.

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  1. Excellent article, huge fan of hamish and mousie. The artwork inspired my own technique in drawing. Julio Schaffino was a genius.

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