Nineties Kit of the Week: Barcelona H (92/95)

SONY DSC barca92-95-laudrup

Team: Barcelona
Strip: Home
Year: 1992/95
Manufacturer: Kappa
Sponsor: None
As worn by: Romario, Ronald Koeman, Michael Laudrup

I seem to recall there being a small amount of controversy over the fact that the Qatar Foundation logo on the most recent Barcelona shirts was rendered in white – the suggestion being that the rivalry with Real Madrid had become so hated that fans simply couldn’t countenance the idea of there being any white on the club’s kits. And yet you only have to look back to what is (pre-Guardiola, at least) considered the greatest era in Barca’s history: when this Kappa kit was worn, and when a fetching white trim (including on Romario’s famous number ten) looked terrific alongside the usual red and blue. Is it really wrong for Barca to have white on their kit when it looks as good as this?

In truth, though, there’s another reason why this is one of my favourite ’90s kits, and to demonstrate why, I’m turning to our second Weezer video of the week (which might be the only time that’ll happen on a football site). This one’s better than “Represent”, though, honest:

Matt Sharp, Weezer’s then-bassist, was clearly in the early stages of his love-affair with the city of Barcelona (he would later move there, and write the second Rentals album Seven More Minutes while based there), hence wearing this shirt during the entertainingly ramshackle video for one of the band’s best singles, as well as in some Pinkerton-era promo photos.


It’s not the only time the band are seen wearing football kits in their videos, either – in the (unreleased at the time, but put together for a DVD release) “Pink Triangle” promo drummer Pat has got a Newcastle shirt, while in the “Photograph” video the band at one point step out in generic teamwear for a kickabout – although the rest of the band don’t look quite as comfortable on the ball as singer Rivers, who’s long been an enthusiastic amateur player.

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