Museum of Plastic: Italia ’90 Goals


One of my abiding visual memories of Italia ’90 is the surprisingly shallow goal nets in the Stadio delle Alpi, most famously associated (in this country at least) with England’s semi-final with West Germany. The official Italia ’90 Subbuteo goals sadly don’t let you replicate this experience – although that’s probably for the best, as the ball would probably just bounce straight out again causing all kinds of arguments – but while their distinct red-white-and-green colouring isn’t actually reminiscent of any real goal nets used during the tournament, they’re some of the best Subbuteo goals you can use, with a satisfying depth that retains all but the hardest of shots.

usa94 euro96
In fact, they worked so well that after four years of service, with a swift change in colour palette they were later reissued as USA ’94 and Euro ’96 goals…

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  1. Picked myself up a pair of these, and a couple of Italia 90 balls, only a couple of Sundays ago ;-)

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